Anyone can fit in. We choose to stand out.

Misfit Creations is a nail salon founded in 2016 on the principle of being able to share Grace’s talent and gift with her clients in her own special way. Here at Misfit Creations, I believe that everyone deserves to be treated like a person, and receive all of the attention and care that that entails. I love exploring the creative side of nail art as well as the simple side of nail care. Each nail is unique and I believe that it should show, and should be given special treatment as such. It is because of this that I strive for the best service with the best products available in the industry to give you a unique set of nails that everyone will be dazzled by!

Grace Nalbach

License #: MAN.0619209

Grace was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Her mother soon found out of Grace’s artistic talents when she could color inside the lines at 3.  By second grade, she had won first place in the Imagination Celebration out of all the elementary schools across the Colorado Springs area. By middle school she already had one of her art pieces inducted into her school’s permanent collection.  By high school she already had been shown at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Gallery. She went to college at University of Colorado at Denver and studied 3D animation. In 2012 she decided to take a new direction and become a nail tech. She has been doing nails ever since.

Today she loves to snuggle her puppy, read Japanese comics, play videogames with her friends and husband, and listen to some awesome music as she does it all in her spare time. Her favorite things are the 1980’s Ghostbusters films, Silent Hill 2, and Spongebob Squarepants (which she has an unnerving gift to somehow relate any scenario back to some how). Most of all though, she loves to share her art and passions with people.

She also does her best to supports the LGBTQA+ community, the Black Lives Matter movement, and Mental Health Care awareness. All persons are welcomed here!

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